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Fountain Flow Ministries



This is a Project which is a major heartbeat of our ministry at the moment! The need for a Children’s Home was sensed to address the issue to house the poor & needy Children who cannot be supported by their parents, do not have any parents or due to some unfortunate situations in life could not have any home. The Home was started in April 2012 with very humble beginnings and had 8 children in house and today we have 11 children. At the Fountain Flow Children’s Home we desire to give the utmost & the best that any child deserves in a home, family & community such as giving:

  • Good Christian family environment with strong Christian values & ethics taught. Our objective is to inculcate Christ like character, attitudes, lifestyle & personality development in all spheres of a child i.e.- physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.
  • Good living standard facility/ food/ health/ education/ clothing & over all general wellbeing.

The Children are well taken care of and loved to the bits especially keeping in mind the good education that they are receiving from one of the top most schools in India known as 'Mount Carmel'