This ministry/project is to reach out to the very poor, marginalized & the homeless in the city of New Delhi, India and the other parts of the world. An initiative has been started off to reach out to various slums in the city of New Delhi amongst women and children especially. In the year 2007 we started a project ‘Blanket drive’ to reach out to the people at various slums in the severest cold weather distributing food, clothes & blankets. Ever since, we have been constantly reaching out to thousands with the gifts, helps & resources of various kinds spreading the message of love through this endeavor.

​There are many ministries who we are partnering with that have deep burden to reach out to the Slum dwellers and the beggers on the streets of Delhi especially the little children who have been forced into the child labor and even into Child trafficking. Strong emphasis is being given on having a proper vocational training for mothers in the slums for capacity building, basic education, health and hygiene awareness programmes, moral & ethical teaching that will build the fabrics of families & communities that they belong in.

We are looking into the possibilities of rehabilitation of many of the Children living in these slums and develop a model to open medical clinics, trainings of various kinds of skill development and create opportunities for many aspiring to go higher in life and make their dreams a reality.    


A Social & Community Service Ministry

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

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